Tate Shots: Anthony Gormley

To be honest, the artwork in this video didn’t interest me at all, and I found Gormley’s voice rather monotonous. I found the blankness of the ‘warehouse/workshop/shed/gallery/factory/studio’ dull and uninteresting, and the structures he’d created seemed meaningless to me.

I found some of the pieces utterly confusing! Is that a person with unfortunate amounts of body hair karate chopping as they fall off a fire hydrant? Because that’s what it looks like to me.

It was disturbing to see so many sculptures of humans hanging high above everyone’s heads as they worked on more sculptures that would undoubtedly meet the same fate. It also seems quite sad that so much effort went into creating these objects, which can now only be seen if you purposely give yourself neck-ache.

One comment

  1. pizzuti · November 26, 2013

    I’m inclined to agree. And that one statement at the end, “Sculpture has always been collaborative” Uh, not so much, only when other people are doing the work for you.

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